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October 2013

Volume 45, Issue 9


Making Research Meaningful in a World With Limited Resources

Original Articles

Exercise Heart Rate Monitors for Anxiety Treatment in a Rural Primary Care Setting: A Pilot Study

Family Physician Satisfaction With Two Different Academic Compensation Schemes

Adding Obesity to the Problem List Increases the Rate of Providers Addressing Obesity

A Multi-Method Intervention to Reduce No-Shows in an Urban Residency Clinic

Special Article

Entry of US Medical School Graduates in Family Medicine Residencies: 2012-2013

Results of the 2013 National Resident Matching Program:® Family Medicine

Narrative Essays

Lessons Learned in the Death and Birth of GME Programs

Life, Liberty, and the Third of July

55-Word Stories: A Collection From the 32nd Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine

Not a Nice Way to Die

A Dream

Book and Media Reviews

A Psychodynamic Understanding of Modern Medicine: Placing the Person at the Center of Care

Drugs for Life: How Pharmaceutical Companies Define Out Health

President's Column

Responsible and Capable Family Physicians

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