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September 2013

Volume 45, Issue 8


"Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal:" It's Time to Take Care of Ourselves and Our Learners

Special Article

Remembering Ian McWhinney

Original Articles

Resident Wellness Behaviors: Relationship to Stress, Depression, and Burnout

Direct Patient Interventions That Can Reduce Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review

Effect of a Web-Based Curriculum on Primary Care Practice: Basic Skin Cancer Triage Trial

Brief Reports

Students' Perceptions of the Impact of a Creative Arts Journal Has on Their Medical Education

Teaching By Example - Educating Medical Students Through a Weight Management Experience

Nursing Home Practice Among Recent Family Medicine Residency Graduates

Narrative Essays

Meaningful Scut Work

Not a Giggle: My Experience With Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease as an Adult

Patient With Gun

Book and Media Reviews

Testing Prayer: Science and Healing

The Soul of Medicine: Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice

President's Column

Defining Scholarship

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