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June 2013

Volume 45, Issue 6


Assessing Clinical Skills: Not Just for Interns Anymore

Original Articles

Intern Evaluation Strategies in Family Medicine Residency Education: What Is-and Is Not-Being Done

Family Medicine Residency Program Director Expectations of Procedural Skills of Medical School Graduates

Assessing Culturally Competent Diabetes Care With Unannounced Standardized Patients

Integrating Improvement Learning Into a Family Medicine Residency Curriculum

Clinical Utility of a Brief Screen for Health Literacy and Numeracy Among Adults With Diabetes Mellitus

Brief Reports

Behavioral Health Assessments and Interventions of Residents and Psychology Trainees During Dual Interviewing: A Descriptive Study

Reliability in Patient-Centered Observations of Family Physicians

Narrative Essays

My Advising Session

Too Much Too Late: Primary Care Frustrations

Rites of Passage

My Favorite Teacher

Book and Media Reviews

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids From Birth to 5 Years

In the Shadow of Asclepius: Poems From American Medicine

President's Column

Advocacy and Self-Reliance

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