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January 2013

Volume 45, Issue 1

From the Editor

Learning and Writing

Original Articles

What Makes a Good Reflective Paper?

Professional Formation and Deformation: Repression of Personal Values and Qualities in Medical Education

Evaluation of a Quality Improvement Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents

Brief Reports

Changes in Health Insurance for US Children and Their Parents: Comparing 2003 to 2008

Optimizing Physician Use of Clinical Pharmacy Services

Patients with Disabilities as Teachers

Narrative Essays

Why Do We Write?

There Are Tears of Things (Why I Write)

Writing Is Like Touch

Why I Write: Reflections From 40 Years of Clinical Teaching and Writing

Learning to Write

Why I Write

Why I Write

President's Column

Fragmentation in US Medical Education, Research, and Practice: The Need for System Wide Defrag

Letter's to the Editor

Maintaining Professionalism in Our Scholarly Activities

Response to "Geographic Patters in Primary Care Visits Provided by Osteopathic Physicians"

Book and Media Reviews

Gentle Men; Ladies in Waiting

Black Bag Moon: Doctors' Tales From Dusk to Dawn

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