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September 2012

Volume 44, Issue 8

From the Editor

Mourning Dr Welby

Original Articles

Preparation for Practice in Family Medicine: Before and After Duty Hours

A Sustainable Family Medicine Academic Workforce: A Study of Pennsylvania Residency Faculty

Four Years of Training in Family Medicine: Implications for Residency Redesign

Association Between Alcohol Screening Scores and Diabetic Self-care Behaviors

Variation in Refill Protocols and Procedures in a Family Medicine Residency Network

Impact of Quality Improvement Training During Residency on Current Practice

Brief Reports

Advanced Directives and Code Status Documentation in an Academic Practice

Is Exposure to a Student-run Clinic Associated With Future Primary Care Practice?

Narrative Essays


A Guru at Grand Rounds

President's Column

Overcoming Barriers to Interprofessional Education: The Example of the Joint Position Statement of the Physician Assistant Education Association and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine

Book and Media Reviews

Outliers: The Story of Success

Continuing the Conversation

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