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April 2012

Volume 44, Issue 4

From the Editor

Retail Clinics and Access to Primary Care

Original Articles

Retail Clinic Visits: Are Resident Paneled Patients More Likely to Make Multiple Visits?

Tolerance of Uncertainty and Fears of Making Mistakes Among Fifth-year Medical Students

A Reappraisal in São Paulo, Brazil (2008) of "The Ecology of Medical Care:" The "One Per Thousand's Rule"

What Happens to Orders Written for Older Primary Care Patients?

Ability of an Information Mastery Curriculum to Improve Residents' Skills and Attitudes

Brief Reports

Facilitating Resident Well-being: A Pilot Intervention to Address Stress and Teamwork Issues on an Inpatient Service

Narrative Essays

The Talk

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

President's Column

Keep At It

Letters to the Editor

Balancing Equivalence and Equipoise in Medical Education Research

Five-year Survival

Book and Media Reviews

Mental Health Disorders in Adolescents, A Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Professionals

iPhone App for The Color Atlas of Family Medicine

Medical Wisdom and Doctoring: The Art of 21st Century Practice

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