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July-August 2011

Volume 43, Issue 7


An Emerging Epidemic of Innovation in Family Medicine Residencies

Original Articles

Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice (P⁴): Site-Specific Innovations, Hypotheses, and Measures at Baseline

A P⁴ Report: Effect of Curriculum Innovation on Residency Applications and Match Performance

Incorporating Population Medicine Into Primary Care Residency Training

Practice Transformation in Teaching Settings: Lessons From the I³ PCMH Collaborative

Improving Chronic Illness Care in Teaching Practices: Learnings From the I³ Collaborative

Overcoming Early Barriers to PCMH Practice Improvement in Family Medicine Residencies

Brief Reports

Implementation and Preliminary Outcomes of the Nation's First Comprehensive 4-year Residency in Family Medicine

Implementing Radical Curriculum Change in a Family Medicine Residency: The Majors and Masteries Program

The Effects of Residency Practice Redesign on Providers and Staff

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