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October 2010

Volume 42, Issue 9

From the Editor

Measuring the Return on Our Investment

Original Articles

Medical Student Debt and Primary Care Specialty Intentions

A Systematic Approach to Diabetes Mellitus Care in Underserved Populations: Improving Care of Minority and Homeless Persons

The Association Between the Supply of Primary Care Physicians and Population Health Outcomes in Korea

Family Physicians Believe the Placebo Effect Is Therapeutic But Often Use Real Drugs as Placebos

Patient Attitudes Toward Physician Use of Tablet Computers in the Exam Room

Does Structured Audit and Feedback Improve the Accuracy of Residents' CPT E&M Coding of Clinic Visits?

Narrative Essay

Primary Care Ride

Letters to the Editor

Let's Break Down the Barriers

Spirituality and Health's Most Productive Researchers: The Role of Primary Care Physicians

Is It Possible to Sustain a Halt in the Decline of Medical Students' Patient-centered Beliefs?

President's Column

Leadership for Change: A Vital Area for Faculty Development, Continuing Education, and Resident Education

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Assessing Medical Decision Making Using Human Patient Simulation

Book and Media Reviews

Surviving Your Doctors: Why the Medical System Is So Dangerous to Your Halth and How to Get Through It Alive

The ACP Evidence-based Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Ferment in Medicine

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