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April 2009

Volume 41, Issue 4

Letters to the Editor

Learning Outcomes of a Web Module for Teaching Interpreter Interaction Skills to Pre-clerkship Students

Implementation of Handheld Procedure Tracking in a Family Medicine Residency

"Going Home" Strikes a Chord

President's Column

Sabrina's Story and Practical Wisdom

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Enhancing the Hospice Curriculum Within the Family Medicine Clerkship

Lessons From Our Learners

When Does This Feeling Go Away?

Up on the Hill

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Is It Impressionism or Is It Medicine?

Residency Education

A Limited Effect on Performance Indicators From Resident-initiated Chart Audits and Clinical Guideline Education

Community Dimensions and HPSA Practice Location: 30 Years of Family Medicine Training

Medical Student Education

Probability Error in Diagnosis: The Conjunction Fallacy Among Beginning Medical Students

Faculty Development

Long-term Outcomes of the "Genetics in Primary Care" Faculty Development Initiative

Health Services Research

Odds of Having a Regular Physician and Perceptions of Care: Ethnic Patterns for Women Ages 25--45

Continuing Medical Education

A Multifaceted Education Intervention for Improving Family Physicians' Case Management

Essays and Commentaries

Future Vision: Is Family Medicine Ready for Patient-directed Care?

Number 406, "Standard"

Book and Media Reviews

Motivational Interviewing in Health Care

Understanding Global Health

Clinical Men's Health: Evidence in Practice

The Physician as Teacher, Second Edition

International Family Medicine Education

Global Problems in Resident Prescription Writing

The Effect of the Presence of a Medical Student on the Quality of the Doctor-Patient Interaction

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