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October 2008

Volume 40, Issue 9

Letters to the Editor

Areas of Concentration in Family Medicine Residency Training

Lost in Translation: The Confusing Lexicon of the "New" NIH

A Pilot Survey of Community Health Services in China

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Promoting Medical Humanism: Design and Evaluation of an Online Curriculum

Lessons From Our Learners

Confessions of a First-year Medical Student

A Colleague

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Doctors, Writing, and HIPAA

Residency Education

Resident Physician Burnout: Is There Hope?

Medical Student Education

Anatomy Correlations: Introducing Clinical Skills to Improve Performance in Anatomy

Health Services Research

Prayer for Health and Primary Care: Results From the 2002 National Health Interview Survey

Clinical Research and Methods

Primary Care for Adults With Physical Disabilities: Perceptions From Consumer and Provider Focus Groups

Older Patients' Views on the Relationship Between Depression and Heart Disease

Medical Ethics

The Need for Medical Ethics Education in Family Medicine Training

Essays and Commentaries

Helping Ourselves by Empowering Others—It's Not Enough to Do No Harm

Book Reviews

Primary Health Care: Theory and Practice

Multimedia Primary Care Procedures

A Doctor for the People

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