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March 2008

Volume 40, Issue 3


A Tribute to Jack Rodnick

Letters to the Editor

Teaching Physician-Patient E-mail Communication Skills in a Residency Program

Family Medicine Resident Confidence With Screening for, and Communicating About, Genomic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer

"I Could Never Just Take Blood Pressures All Day Long Like You Do in Family Medicine"

President's Column

Assembling Patient-centered Medical Homes—The Clerkship Initiative

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Simulation Enhances Resident Confidence in Critical Care and Procedural Skills

Lessons From Our Learners

"Mama Doc"

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Body Worlds

Special Article

Six-year Update on the Financial Status of US Family Medicine Departments

Residency Education

Patient Perceptions of How Physicians Communicate During Prostate Cancer Screening Discussions: A Comparison of Residents and Faculty

Clinical Research and Methods

Beliefs, Motivations, and Opinions About Moderate Drinking: A Cross-sectional Survey

International Family Medicine

Training and Application of Community-oriented Primary Care (COPC) Through Family Medicine in Catalonia, Spain

Essays and Commentaries

Crossed Paths

Benefits of Comprehensive Reproductive Health Education in Family Medicine Residency

Book Reviews

How Doctors Think

As They See It: The Development of the African AIDS Discourse

Suffering and Healing in America: An American Doctor's View From the Outside

International Family Medicine Education

Principles of General Practice

Who Works Long and Hard?

A Real Exchange Program

Coordinating Contributions

Not the Easiest Place to Go to Medical School

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