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January 2008

Volume 40, Issue 1

Letters to the Editor

Integrating Abortion Training Into FM Residency Programs

More on Abortion Training Articles

Bananas and Beans: A Simulation Model for Training in Trigger Point Injection

Overseas Experience in Global Health: Travels to Bhopal, India, 20 Years After the Union Carbide Disaster

Reviewer Acknowledgments

Reviewer Acknowledgments

President's Column

Assembling Patient-centered Medical Homes—The Promise and Price of the Infrastructure Principles

Lessons From Our Learners

Tell Me, Doctor, What Is It That You Really Need to Know?

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

A Brief Friendship

Medical Student Education

Early Introduction to Pregnancy Care and Delivery for Medical Students

Residency Education

Teaching Evidence-based Medicine Skills: An Exploratory Study of Residency Graduates' Practice Habits

Faculty Development

Awarding Faculty Rank to Non-tenured Physician Faculty in a Consortium Medical School

Health Services Research

Physicians' Intention to Educate About Emergency Contraception

Research Series

Factors Affecting Research Participation in African American College Students

International Family Medicine Education

Continuing Professional Development in Sensitive Cultures

Family Medicine Practice in Rural Any-Country

Caring for Each Other—Tanzania

Book Reviews

Handbook of Primary Care Psychology

The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care, Second Edition

Pain Killer: A Wonder Drug's Trail of Addiction and Death

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