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September 2007

Volume 39, Issue 8

Letters to the Editor

What Should Residents Know About Hypertension?

More on the Hypertension Article

AHLTA: Teaching Medical Students Without Falling Behind (or, Another Take on the Five Microskills of Precepting)

Walking in Memphis

President's Column

Assembling Patient-centered Medical Homes—Is This Focus on Patient Care a Distraction From STFM's Primary Mission?

Lessons From Our Learners


Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

STFM 2007 Poetry Contest Winners

2007 Match Results

Entry of US Medical School Graduates Into Family Medicine Residencies: 2006—2007 and 3-year Summary

Results of the 2007 National Resident Matching Program: Family Medicine

Residency Education

Women's Health Content Validity of the Family Medicine In-training Examination

Health Services Research

Attitudes Toward Performance of Endoscopic Colon Cancer Screening by Family Physicians

Essays and Commentaries

Family Medicine Specialty Selection: A Proposed Research Agenda

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

International Family Medicine Education

International Family Medicine Education

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