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April 2007

Volume 39, Issue 4

President's Column

A New Model for American Health Care: Transformation for a Dysfunctional System

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

I Can PresCribE A Drug: Mnemonic-based Teaching of Rational Prescribing

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Neonatal Circumcision Model and Competency Evaluation for Family Medicine Residents

Lessons From Our Learners

A Grand Seduction Indeed

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Movies and Emotional Engagement: Laughing Matters in Lecturing

Medical Student Education

Influence of Hometown on Family Physicians' Choice to Practice in Rural Settings

Residency Education

The Effect of Offering International Health Training Opportunities on Family Medicine Residency Recruiting

The Use of Standardized Patients to Evaluate Family Medicine Resident Decision Making

Health Services Research

A Comfortable Relationship: A Patient-derived Dimension of Ongoing Care

Practice Management

The Use of an Electronic Medical Record to Improve Documentation and Treatment of Obesity

Continuing Medical Education

What Should Physicians Know About Hypertension? The Implicit Knowledge Requirements in the Maintenance of Certification Self-assessment Module

Essays and Commentaries

New Model Innovation Through Faculty Champions

International Family Medicine Education

Malaysia: Reducing No-shows With Text Message Reminders

South Africa: Suggestions for Improving Rural Physicians Recruitment and Retention

The Netherlands: Barriers to Collaborative Care

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