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March 2007

Volume 39, Issue 3

Letters to the Editor

An "Uneventful" Pregnancy

Faculty Development as a Strategy for Retaining Family Physicians in Academic Medicine

EBM a Challenge for International Medical Graduates

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Using the RIME Model for Learner Assessment and Feedback

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

A Family Medicine Training Collaborative in Early Abortion

Lessons From Our Learners

My Patient, the Cubs Fan

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

55-word Stories and Care of the Underserved

Medical Student Education

Predoctoral Directors: Who Are They and What Do They Do in These Trying Times?

Residency Education

Recruiting Faculty to Perform Deliveries in Family Medicine Residencies: Results of a Residency Program Survey

Abortion Training in Three Family Medicine Programs: Resident and Patient Outcomes

Curriculum Planning: A Needs Assessment for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Education in Residency

Clinical Research and Methods

Use of Traditional Medicine by Immigrant Chinese Patients

Faculty Development

Using a Supervisory Dialogue Process in the Performance Management of Family Medicine Faculty

Essays and Commentaries

Culture, Language, and Health Literacy: Communicating About Health With Asians and Pacific Islanders

Book Reviews

Listening as Work in Primary Care

International Family Medicine Education

Denmark: The Life of a Clinical Researcher

Denmark: Teaching GPs to UseMotivational Interviewing

Spain: Historical and System Differences in General Practice in Europe

United Kingdom:Family Doctors Versus Nurse Practitioners—What Are the Trade-offs?

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