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November-December 2007

Volume 39, Issue 10

Letters to the Editor

The Evening Dinner Meetings

Patient Ownership: Should Language Be a Barrier?

Faculty Academic Boot Camp

President's Column

Assembling Patient-centered Medical Homes—The Care Principles

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Training Residents to Be Office-based Teachers of Family Medicine

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Demonstrating Prescribing Competence: A Successful Pilot of a Prescription Competency Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents

Lessons From Our Learners

Patient ≠ Chart

Telling the Truth With Compassion

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

STFM 2007 Prose Contest Winners

Residency Education

An Evaluation of Immunization Education Resources by Family Medicine Residency Directors

Brief Intervention to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment Knowledge of Skin Disorders by Family Medicine Residents

Influence of Residency Training on Procedures Performed by South Carolina Family Medicine Graduates

Clinical Research and Methods

Health Behavior Counseling in Primary Care: Provider-reported Rate and Confidence

Special Articles: International Family Medicine Education

Development of Family Medicine in the Middle East

Family Medicine in the Russian Far East

Balance of Trade: Export-Import in Family Medicine

Essays and Commentaries

A Teachable Moment

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

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