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January 2007

Volume 39, Issue 1

Letters to the Editor

Youth-Parent Communication

Reaction to "The Darkest Hour"

Herbal and Natural Medicines in the Latino Community

Teaching Medical Students Trigger Point Techniques

President's Column

Making It Personal; Mentoring Future Family Docs

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Encouragement: Giving "Heart" to Our Learners in a Competency-based Education Model

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

A Gain in Cultural Competence Through an International Acupuncture Elective

Lessons From Our Learners

The Attending and the Octogenarian

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Lights, Camera, Action: Using Film to Teach the ACGME Competencies

Dedicated Issue on the Family Medicine Curriculum Resource Project

Family Medicine Curriculum Resource Project: Overview

The Family Medicine Curriculum Resource Project Structural Framework

Prerequisite Competencies for Third-year Clerkships: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum: Competencies and Resources

A Proposal to Address the Curriculum for the M-4 Medical Student

The Family Medicine Curriculum Resource Project: Implications for Faculty Development

Family Medicine Curriculum Resource Project: The Future

Family Medicine Predoctoral Education: 30-something

Book Reviews

Guidebook for Clerkship Directors, Third Edition

International Family Medicine Education

Canada: How to Improve Your Clinical Prevention Activities

Scotland: Easy Access Versus Continuity—What Is Important to Patients and Doctors?

Thailand: Diagnosing and Treating Psychological Problems in Limited Resource Settings

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