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October 2006

Volume 38, Issue 9

Letters to the Editor

Research in Family Medicine

More on the Research Enterprise

Advising for International Health Electives

President's Column

Getting More Involved in STFM

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Accompanying Physicians in Their Family Practice: A Primary Care Model for Medical Students' Learning in Brazil

Lessons From Our Learners

First Night on Call

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Finding Meaning in Suffering and Healing

Results of the 2006 National Resident Matching Program

Entry of US Medical School Graduates Into Family Medicine Residencies: 2005-2006 and 3-year Summary

Results of the 2006 National Resident Matching Program: Family Medicine

Medical Student Education

Web-based Versus Face-to-Face Learning of Diabetes Management: The Results of a Comparative Trial of Educational Methods

Health Services Research

Rural-Urban Differences in Depression Prevalence: Implications for Family Medicine

International Family Medicine

Partnerships Creating Postgraduate Family Medicine in Kenya

Essays and Commentaries

Nine Words

Book Reviews

Physicians as Leaders: Who, How, and Why Now?

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