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September 2006

Volume 38, Issue 8

Letters to the Editor

Teaching Chest Radiology

Who Will Be My Doctor? Reflections on the 80-hour Workweek

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Maximizing Teachable Moments in Cross-cultural Care for Learners in the Office-based Setting

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

"The Sponge Perineum:" An Innovative Method of Teaching Fourth-degree Obstetric Perineal Laceration Repair to Family Medicine Residents

Lessons From Our Learners

Would You Like Fries With That PSA, Sir?

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

STFM 2006 Poetry and Prose Contest Winners

Residency Education

Residency Education Through the Family Medicine Morbidity and Mortality Conference

Health Services Research

Visits to Non-Dentist Health Care Providers for Dental Problems

International Family Medicine

Development of Out-of-Hours Primary Care by General Practitioners (GPs)in The Netherlands: From Small-call Rotations to Large-scale GP Cooperatives

Continuing Medical Education

CME Workshop in Recognizing Boundary Limits During a Medical Visit

Essays and Commentaries

The Unofficial Guide to Residency Director Selection

The Darkest Hour

Book Reviews

Screening in Disease Prevention: What Works?

Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy and the Postpartum

International Family Medical Education

Europe: The Role of Primary Care Networks in Disease Surveillance

Sweden: A Qualitative Study of How Doctors Approach Patients Who Come From a Different Culture

Switzerland: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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