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June 2006

Volume 38, Issue 6

Letters to the Editor

Assessing Preclinical Medical Students' Ability to Communicate in Writing

Does Family Medicine Training Affect the Referral Pattern of Primary Care Doctors in Thailand?

The Unexpecteds

Lessons From Our Learners

When We Were Residents

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

The "Bad News Scene" as Clinical Drama
Part I: Writing Scenes

Medical Student Education

The Art of Observation: Impact of a Family Medicine and Art Museum Partnership on Student Education

Residency Education

Evaluating Family Medicine Residency COPC Programs: Meeting the Challenge

Three-year Trends in the Costs of Residency Training in Family Medicine

Clinical Research and Methods

Detecting Potential Intimate Partner Violence: Which Approach Do Women Want?

Health Services Research

Prepared But Not Practicing: Declining Pregnancy Care Among Recent Family Medicine Residency Graduates

The Influence of Obesity, Alcohol Abuse, and Smoking on Utilization of Health Care Services

Essays and Commentaries


Book Reviews

Series: (1) Motivate Healthy Habits-Stepping Stones to Lasting Change (2) My Healthy Habits Journal-Stepping Stones to Lasting Change (3) Motivational Practice-Promoting Healthy Habits and Self-Care of Chronic Disease

International Family Medicine Education

Australia: How to Develop a Regional or Rural Medical Campus

Europe: A Way to Evaluate Primary Care Practice Management

South Africa: A Short History of Family Medicine in South Africa

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