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April 2006

Volume 38, Issue 4

Letters to the Editor

Research in Family Medicine

Peer Coaching Shows Promise for Residents as Teachers

Documenting Competency in the Mini Mental State Exam

The "Aha!" Moment

"We Must Test the Blood for Antigens"

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Teaching the New Competencies Using the Gap Analysis Approach

Lessons From Our Learners

"Interacts Well With Patients"

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

The Wizard in You

Medical Student Education

The Diverse Functions of Role Models Across Primary Care Specialties

Residency Education

Residents in Trouble: An In-depth Assessment of the 25-year Experience of a Single Family Medicine Residency

A National Survey of Family Medicine Residency Education in Geriatric Medicine: Comparing Findings in 2004 to 2001

Health Services Research

Health Care Disparities in Postmenopausal Women Referred for DXA Screening

Faculty Development

Implementation of Curriculum by Family Medicine Fellows: What Factors Help and What Factors Hinder?

Practice Management

How Well Are Practice Management Curricula Preparing Family Medicine Residents?

Essays and Commentaries

Leaving Rural Practice

On Being a Young Teacher—Much to Learn, Much to Teach

J.R.'s Choices

Book Reviews

The Year of Magical Thinking

Truth and Beauty: A Friendship

International Family Medical Education

Canada: Fellowships Galore—The Canadian Model

Sri Lanka: Where Is Our Literature Published?

The Netherlands: How Well Do You Know Your Patient's Motivation?

United Kingdom: What Are the Further Training Needs of Residency Graduates?

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