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October 2005

Volume 37, Issue 9

Letters to the Editor

The 2-year Versus 4-year Debate

Increasing Research in Family Medicine

More on Family Medicine Research

Current Practices in Medical Spanish Teaching in US Medical Schools

President's Column

Our Medical and Medical Education Crisis—A Bursting Point?

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Evidence-based Strategies That Help Office-based Teachers Give Effective Feedback

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Relating Student Performance on a Family Medicine Clerkship With Completion of Web Cases

Lessons From Our Learners

Reflections on a Late Start

Welcome to the Real World

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

STFM 2005 Poetry and Prose Contest Winners

Special Article

Prescribing Happiness: Positive Psychology and Family Medicine

Residency Education

Family Medicine Residency Education: Connecting the Future to the Past

Medical Student Education

Evaluating Perceptions of Community-based Physicians From a High-retention Clerkship

Clinical Research and Methods

Hepatitis C Identification and Management by Family Physicians

Does Provision of Health Counseling Differ by Patient Race?

Health Services Research

Anemia in Pregnancy and Race in the United States: Blacks at Risk

Essays and Commentaries

On Prescribing Happiness

Ossification Versus Innovation in Family Medicine Training: A Call to Action

International Family Medicine Education

Brazil: Family Medicine in Brazil—Establishing the Specialty

Scotland: Determining the Prevalence and Treatment of Disease by Surveying Those in the Community, an Underused Approach

The Netherlands: The Comorbidity Conundrum: Patients With Psychological and Medical Problems Are More Work for Physicians

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