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April 2005

Volume 37, Issue 4

Letters to the Editor

REALMS Scores Questioned

Drawing on the Legacy of General Practice

Clinical Productivity Measures of Ambulatory Sports Medicine in an Academic Department

President's Column

Educating Students for the Future

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Strategies for Efficient Office Precepting

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Papaya: A Simulation Model for Training in Uterine Aspiration

Lessons From Our Learners

Balance Recalibrated


Again and Again

The Cellar

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Visual Thinking Strategies: A New Role for Art in Medical Education

Special Article

The Residency Assistance Program: 1,000+ Opportunities and 30 Years of Experience Promoting Excellence in Family Medicine Education

Residency Education

Increasing Generic Prescribing: A Resident Educational Intervention

Medical Student Education

Family Medicine Specialty Choice and Interest in Research

Faculty Development

Depression in Family Medicine Faculty

Clinical Research and Methods

Clinician Style and Examination Room Computers: A Video Ethnography

Essays and Commentaries

Basic Science and Family Medicine

Book Reviews

Book Review: CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment in Family Medicine

Book Review: The Healing Tradition: Reviving the Soul of Western Medicine

International Family Medicine Education

Canada: What Rural Family Physicians Want

Europe: Variations in Medical Care Exist Wherever You Look for Them

The Netherlands: What Works to Reduce Variations in Test Ordering by GPs?

Estonia: The Transition to Family-oriented Care in Eastern Europe

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