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March 2005

Volume 37, Issue 3

Letters to the Editor

A Comment on a Comment

Four-year FM Residency Training

Assessing Preclinical Medical Students' Ability to Communicate in Writing

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Learning to Listen

Lessons From Our Learners

The Culmination of Her Dreams

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

A Web-based Multimedia Medical Humanities Curriculum

Special Article

Educational Research—To IRB, or Not to IRB

Residency Education

Residency Review Committee for Family Medicine: An Analysis of Program Citations

The University of Tennessee's Accelerated Family Medicine Residency Program 1992—2002: An 11-year Report

Medical Student Education

Assessing Communication Competence: A Review of Current Tools

Clinical Research and Methods

Validation of the HITS Domestic Violence Screening Tool With Males

Listening to Patients: Cultural and Linguistic Barriers to Health Care Access

Practice Management

Active Precepting in the Residency Clinic: A Pilot Study of a New Model

Faculty Development

Primary Care Renewal: Regional Faculty Development and Organizational Change

Journal Policy Statement

Journal Policy Statement—IRB Approval for Educational Research

International Family Medicine Education

Belgium: End-of-Life Decisions by GPs

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