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June 2004

Volume 36, Issue 6

Letters to the Editor

In Response Teaching Testicular Examination

Assessment of Selected Psychometric Properties of Nonstandard ABFP ITE Scales

Medical Decision-making Risk Management Based on Aeronautical Model

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Professionalism: Part II - Teaching and Assessing the Learner's Professionalism

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Your Life on Film: Teaching Continuity to Residents Through PowerPoint and Videotaped Interviews

Lessons From Our Learners

Home Birth

Chiari and Me

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Subjectifying the Patient: Creative Writing and the Clinical Encounter

Core Concepts in Family Medicine Education

Using a Modified Nominal Group Technique As a Curriculum Evaluation Tool

Residency Education

The Current State of Colonoscopy Training in Family Medicine Residency Programs

Medical Student Education

Career Influence of an International Health Experience During Medical School

Clinical Research and Methods

Emergency Contraception: Knowledge and Attitudes of Family Medicine Providers

Family Support and Diet Barriers Among Older Hispanic Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

Childhood Immunization Refusal: Provider and Parent Perceptions

Research Series

Geographic Retrofitting: A Method of Community Definition in Community-oriented Primary Care Practices

Essays and Commentaries

Interest in Family Medicine: 1982 Revisited?

Old Doc, New Challenges: Correctional Medicine

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