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February 2004

Volume 36, Issue 2

Letters to the Editor

In Response Clinical Interview Training for Family Medicine Residents

In Response Do Active Parents Produce Active Children

More on Family Medicine "Bashing"

Many Factors Involved in Career Selection

The Family in Family Medicine

Author's Response to Self-Directed Learning Letters

President's Column

Thoughts for a New Year

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Teaching Clinical Students to Teach

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Digital Technology Enhances Dermatology Teaching in a Family Medicine Residency

Lessons From Our Learners

Pero El Me Cuida (But He'll Take Care of Me)

Eighteen Hours

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

The Clan of the Cave Bear Meets the House of God

Residency Education

Teaching Prenatal Ultrasound to Family Medicine Residents

Psychosocial Support Services for Family Medicine Resident Physicians

A Preliminary Investigation of Balint and Non-Balint Behavioral Medicine Training

Medical Student Education

A Suggested Fourth-year Curriculum for Medical Students Planning on Entering Family Medicine

Which Primary Care Specialty? Factors that Relate to a Choice of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, or Pediatrics

Observations on the Teaching and Learning Occurring in Offices of Community-based Family and Community Medicine Clerkship Preceptors

Essays and Commentaries

The Card: An Educator's Encounter With Cancer

SORT: Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy

Book Reviews

Book Review Hypoactive Sexual Desire: Integrating Sex and Couple Therapy

Book Review Guide to the Family Medicine Clerkship

Book Review The Doctor's Communication Handbook, Fourth Edition

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