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November-December 2004

Volume 36, Issue 10

Letters to the Editor

Does Pregnancy Begin at Fertilization?

Family Physicians' Beliefs About Genetic Testing

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Breathing Lessons

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Public Health Educational Intervention in a Family Medicine Residency

Lessons From Our Learners

Saved by an Angel

The Sagacity of Persistence

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Death Pronouncements: Surviving and Thriving Through Stories

Residency Education

Can Family Medicine Residents Predict Their Performance on the In-Training Examination?

Medical Student Education

Which Patients Are Most Challenging for Second-year Medical Students?

Medical Student, Physician, and Public Perceptions of Health Care Disparities

Continuing Medical Education

Physician Informational Needs in Providing Nutritional Guidance to Patients

Clinical Research and Methods

Moving From Undiagnosed to Diagnosed Diabetes: The Patient's Perspective

Practice Management

Exploring the Organizational Culture of Exemplary Community Health Center Practices

International Family Medicine

An International Physician Education Program to Support the Recent Introduction of Family Medicine in Egypt

Essays and Commentaries

The Gift

Book Reviews

Book Review: Sexual Orientation in Child and Adolescent Health Care

Book Review: Healing by Heart: Clinical and Ethical Case Stories of Hmong Families and Western Providers

International Family Medicine Education

Scotland: Chronic Disease Is Everywhere, Especially Among the Poor

The Netherlands: Nurse Practitioners as Members of the Team

United Kingdom: Can One Be Both a Generalist and a Specialist?

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