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January 2004

Volume 36, Issue 1

Letters to the Editor

In Response Self-directed Learning

In Response Self-directed Learning

Good Readers Needed

Pushing for More Research

New Research Effectiveness of Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists for Dysmenorrhea of Endometriosis

Graduating Medical Students Reveal That Economics Plays Role In Choice of Family Medicine

Macronutrients and Pediatric Obesity

Reviewer Acknowledgments

Reviewer Acknowledgments

Introduction to the Dedicated Issue

Moving Forward in Knowledge on the Process of Primary Care: Convergence Rather Than Parallelism in Scholarship (Hopefully)

Relationship of the Process of Primary Care to Health Outcomes

Primary Care Practice Coordination Versus Physician Continuity

The Patient-Physician Relationship, Primary Care Attributes, and Preventive Services

Managing Crisis: The Role of Primary Care for People With Serious Mental Illness

The Relationship Between Continuity of Care and Trust With Stage of Cancer at Diagnosis

The Challenge of Promoting Integration: Conceptualization, Implementation, and Assessment of a Pilot Care Delivery Model for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

The Unique Nature of the Process of Primary Care

Specialist Management and Coordination of "Out-of-Domain Care"

Family Medicine Trainees Still Value Continuity of Care

What Factors Are Associated With Achieving High Continuity of Care?

Continuity of Care From a Patient's Point of View: Context, Process, Relation


The Structure of Primary Care: Framing a Big Picture

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