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October 2003

Volume 35, Issue 9

Letters to the Editor

Informed Consent Needed From Students

Getting the Frame Straight

Medical Education Reform in Iran

Preferences for Physician Attire

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Formulating Clinical Questions During Community Preceptorships: A First Step in Utilizing Evidence-based Medicine

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

An Interactive Approach to Teaching Practice Management to Family Practice Residents

Lessons from Our Learners

The Punk

Body Image

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Tuesdays With Morrie Versus Stephen Hawking: Living or Dying With ALS

Residency Education

Tying It All Together? A Competency-based Linkage Model for Family Medicine

Unmet Need for Chronic Disease and End-of-Life Care at Urban Family Health Centers in the Bronx, NY

Medical Student Education

Assessing Students' Communication and Interpersonal Skills Across Evaluation Settings

Refugee Health and Medical Student Training

Clinical Research and Methods

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Immunizations: Recommendations for Clinicians

Faculty Development

The Family in the Family Medicine Literature

Practice Management

Implementation of an Open Access Scheduling System in a Residency Training Program

Essays and Commentaries

GP to FP to GP?

International Family Medicine Education

China: What Do Chinese Patients Want?

The Netherlands: Opening the Black Box of the Referral Process

United Kingdom: A Program to Help With the Recruitment and Retention of GPs in Inner-city Clinics

United Kingdom: Vague or Undifferentiated Presentations Studied

Developing Countries: Adopting US Managed Care Techniques

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