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June 2003

Volume 35, Issue 6

Letters to the Editor

Abortion Training As an Integral Part of Residency Training

Antibiotic Prescribing for CAP in Mexico

Valuable Web-based Resources

Family Medicine in Turkey

President's Column

New Times, New Solutions

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

The One-minute Preceptor: Shaping the Teaching Conversation

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

A Multidisciplinary, Learner-centered, Student-run Clinic for the Homeless

Lessons From Our Learners


Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Using Young Adult Literature to Teach Adolescent Medicine

Award-winning Research Papers From the American Academy of Family Phys

Are Children of Military Parents More Physically Fit Than Children of Civilian Parents?

Thyroid Function Testing in Outpatients: Are Both Sensitive Thyrotropin (sTSH) and Free Thyroxine (FT4) Necessary?

Maximizing Neonatal Early Onset Group B Streptococcal Disease Prevention With Universal Culture Screening at 35 to 37 Weeks Gestation: A Comparison of GBS Detection Rates Between LIM Broth and CNA Culture Media

Residency Education

The Effects of an Educational Intervention for "At-risk" Residents to Improve Their Scores on the In-training Exam

Resident Acquisition of Knowledge During a Noontime Conference Series

Does Time Use in Outpatient Residency Training Reflect Community Practice?

Resident Physicians Who Continue Balint Training: A Longitudinal Study 1982--1999

Faculty Development

Outcomes of a Comprehensive Faculty Development Program for Local, Full-time Faculty

International Family Medicine

Primary Care Training in Kosovo


Refocusing the Self-directed Learning Debate

A Day in the Life of a Behavioral Scientist

International Family Medicine Education

Denmark - Are Our Priorities and Those of Our Patients the Same?

What Do Practitioners Want in Continuing Education?

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