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March 2003

Volume 35, Issue 3

Letters to the Editor

Attracting High-caliber IMGs to Family Practice

Authors' Response

Medical Students' Attitudes Toward Accommodating Patients' Cultural Beliefs

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Teaching General Rules During Ambulatory Education

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

EKG Arrhythmia Recognition: A Third-year Clerkship Teaching Experience

Lessons From Our Learners

Ms Jones: Reflections on Aging, Illness, and Medicine

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Cross-cultural Ethics and the Moral Development of Physicians: Lessons From Kurosawa's Ikiru

Residency Education

What to Do When Faced With the Closure of a Family Practice Residency

A Maternal and Child Health Curriculum for Family Practice Residents: Results of an Intervention at the University of North Carolina

Medical Student Education

Defining Differences in the Instructional Styles of Community Preceptors

Faculty Development

Facilitating Academic Instructional Change: Redefining Scholarship

A Physican Peer Support Writing Group

Medical Informatics

Increases in Resident and Faculty Computing Skills Between 1998 and 2001

Clinical Research and Methods

Panic-related Outcomes in Patients With a Personal Physician


The Privilege of Working With International Medical Graduates or Heartfelt Thanks to International Medical Graduates

Necessary Change in Family Medicine: Entering Adulthood

Book Reviews

Pediatric Clinical Skills, Third Edition

The Diagnostic Approach to Symptoms and Signs in Pediatrics, Second Edition

International Family Medicine Education

Continuity: What Do Patients Want?

An Example of Country to Country Collaboration

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