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November-December 2003

Volume 35, Issue 10

Letters to the Editor

Process-based Model Has Great Benefits

Research Training Needed

Incomes of General Practitioners in China

President's Column

Changing Times

For the Office-based Teacher of Family Medicine

Medical Student Education in Practice Management

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Virtual Precepting Case Report and Qualitative Analysis: Resident Precepting Via Innovative Use of Technology

Lessons From Our Learners

If Only . . .

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Reductionism Gets a Soul

Residency Education

A Study of Closure of Family Practice Residency Programs

Immunization Education Among Family Practice Residency Programs

Medical Student Education

Exploring Residency Match Violations in Family Practice

Supermarket Tour: The Effect of Presentation Mode on Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes

Clinical Research and Methods

Changing Family Physicians' Visit Structuring Behavior: A Pilot Study

What Happens After We Identify Intimate Partner Violence? The Family Physician's Perspect

Health Services Research

Family Physicians Delivering Babies: What Do Obstetricians Think?

Essays and Commentaries

"What the Shadow Knows"

The Millennium Primary Care Reimbursement Plan: A Proposal for Debate

Book Reviews

Book Review - Patient-centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method, Second Edition

International Family Medicine Education

Australia What's the Impact of Having Organized After-hours Call Services?

Sweden and Slovenia Comparing Physicians' Ethical Values

The Netherlands Do Graduates of a 3-year Residency Know More Than 2-year Graduates?

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