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January 2003

Volume 35, Issue 1

Letter to the Editor

Transtheoretical Model Useful for Patient Education

Medical Student Participation Valuable

The Inhibition of Stuttering: A Viable Alternative to Contemporary Therapy

Mnemonics Helpful for Physician-Patient Communication

President's Column

In Search of the Roots of Medicine: Yesterday and Today

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

The Multiple Mini-SOAP Format for Student Presentations of Complex Patients

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

The Summer Assistantship in Patient Education: A Preclinical Preceptorship

Lessons From Our Learners

The Diaper Change

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

The Seventh Chair: Illuminating Professional Identity Crises and Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine

SPECIAL ARTICLES: Geriatric Training in Family Practice Residencies

Geriatric Medicine Training for Family Practice Residents in the 21st Centruy: A Report From the Residency Assistance Program Hartford Geriatrics Initiative

Geriatrics in Family Practice Residency Education: An Unmet Challenge

A National Survey on the Current Status of Family Practice Education in Geriatric Medicine

Family Medicine Training in the Care of Older Adults - Has the Retreat Been Sounded?

Medical Student Education

Intergrating Population Health Into a Family Medicine Clerkship: 7 Years of Evolution

Clinical Research and Methods

Behavioral Risks Associated With Tattooing

Medical Informatics

Introducing Personal Digital Assistants to Family Physician Teachers

Health Services Research

Cervical Cancer Rates and the Supply of Primary Care Physicians in Florida

International Family Medicine Education

Limits on Resident Work Hours

Family Medicine in Turkey

The Physician-Patient Dance Around Antibiotic Prescribing

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