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October 2002

Volume 34, Issue 9

Where FM Academicians Are Really Publishing: The Experiences of One FM Department

Letters to the Editor

Overcoming Deficiencies in Survey Construction

Value of Decision Support Software Shown to Be Limited for Preclinical Medical Students

Factors Distinguishing Medical Students' Career Interests During a Period of Declining Interest in Generalist Careers

President's Column

One Person at a Time

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Teaching Patient-centered Care

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Teaching Evidence-based Medicine Skills Through a Residency-developed Guideline

Lessons From Our Learners

A Note on Marion

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Molly Sweeney: Using a Theatrical Performance to Orient Medical Students

Special Articles: Pharmacists in Family Practice Residency Programs

The State of Clinical Pharmacy Practice in Family Practice Residency Programs

The Clinical Pharmacist As a Preceptor in a Family Practice Residency Training Program

Residency Education

Accounting for Graduate Medical Education Funding in Family Practice Training

The Accelerated Residency Program: The Marshall University Family Practice 9-year Experience

Medical Student Education

Effect of Generalist Preceptor Specialty in a Third-year Clerkship on Career Choice

Faculty Development

What Does It Mean to Build Research Capacity?

Medical Informatics

A Medical Informatics Curriculum for 21st-century Family Practice Residencies

Essays and Commentaries

The Role of Pharmacists in Family Practice Residency Programs

HRSA Goes Triad: An Update on the Training Grant Review Process

The Refrigerator Art of Medicine

Book Reviews

Sex Matters for Women

Ambulatory Medicine Case Book

Evidence-based Herbal Medicine

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