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September 2002

Volume 34, Issue 8

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Involving the Office Staff in Teaching Medical Students

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

A Longitudinal Community-based Underserved Care Elective for Family Practice Residents

Lessons From Our Learners


Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

"Mercy"-Narrative, Role-play, and Attitudes Concerning Antemortem Care

Special Articles: 2002 Match Results

Entry of US Medical School Graduates Into Family Practice Residencies: 2001-2002 and 3-year Summary

Results of the 2002 National Resident Matching Program: Family Practice

Residency Education

Does Community- or University-based Residency Sponsorship Affect Future Practice Profiles?

Otitis Media in Children: Use of Diagnostic Tools by Family Practice Residents

Medical Student Education

Clerkship Order and Performance on Family Medicine and Internal Medicine National Board of Medical Examiners Exams

Health Services Research

Rural-Urban Differences in Visits to Primary Care Physicians

Essays and Commentaries

Cultural (R)evolution: Developing a Research Culture in Family Medicine

Searching for the Teaching Moment: Reflections of a Family Physician Instructor in Gross Anatomy Lab

International Family Medicine Education

The Difficult Patient Encounter—an Israeli Viewpoint

The Difficult Patient Encounter—an English Viewpoint

What Happens to Clinical Prevention When a Country's Medical System Changes?

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