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July-August 2002

Volume 34, Issue 7

Letters to the Editor

Video Precepting Needs Guidelines for Ethical Use

Author's Response

Debating the Current Status of Research in Family Medicine

Author's Reply

Debating the Current Status of Research in Family Medicine

President's Column

The View From Walton's Mountain

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Walking the Balance BEAM: The Art and Science of Becoming a Successful Clinical Teacher

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Feasibility of a Multi-modality Ambulatory Currriculum for Family Practice Residents

Lessons From Our Learners

A Gift of Life

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

"O Tell Me the Truth About Love"

Award-winning Research Papers From the American Academy of Family Phys

Effect of a Primary Care Physician-focused, Population-based Approach to Blood Pressure Control

Effects of Flow Sheet Implementation on Physician Performance in the Management of Asthmatic Patients

Adult Inpatient Training for a Family Practice Residency: A University- Versus a Community-based Setting

Herbal Cancer Cures on the Web: Noncompliance With the Dietary Supplement Health and Education

Health Care Utilization and Costs of Alzheimer's Disease: The Role of Comorbid Conditions, Disease Stage, and Pharmacotherapy

Research at the 2002 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spr

Community Research Partnerships and Social Advocacy to Accomplish Change

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