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June 2002

Volume 34, Issue 6

Letters to the Editor

Readers Respond to the Special Series on Longitudinal Residency Training

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Priming Students for Effective Clinical Teaching

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Teaching the Quality Improvement Process to Junior Medical Students: The Nebraska Experience

Lessons From Our Learners

A Birth Crisis

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Using the Cinema to Understand the Family of the Alcoholic

Special Articles: From the Robert Graham Center

The Increase in International Medical Graduates in Family Practice Residency Programs

The Association of Title VII Funding to Departments of Family Medicine With Choice of Physician Specialty and Practice Location

Residency Education

An Observational Study of Precepting Encounters in a Family Practice Residency Program

Reach Out and Teach Someone: Generalist Residents' Needs For Teaching Skills Development

Medical Student Education

Evaluations of Medical Students' Clinical Experiences in a Family Medicine Clerkship: Differences in Patient Encounters by Disease Severity in Different Clerkship Sites

Faculty Development

Predictors of Short-term and Long-term Scholarly Activity by Academic Faculty: A Departmental Case Study

The Importance of Interpersonal Relationship Factors in Decisions Regarding Authorship


The Role of International Medical Graduates in Family Practice Residencies

Book Reviews

Evidence-based Herbal Medicine

Primary Care Rheumatology

Acute Obstetrics: A Practical Guide, Second Edition

International Family Medicine Education

Who Does Home Visits Any More?

Comments on the State of Medical Education and General Practice

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