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February 2002

Volume 34, Issue 2

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Support Services and Products Available for Community Preceptors

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Practice Management: A Third-year Clerkship Experience

Lessons From Our Learners


Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

The Doctor: A Seminal Video for Cinemeducation

Special Article

Applications of Narrative Theory and Therapy to the Practice of Family Medicine

Residency Education

Orienting Interns to Being Second-year Residents

Family Practice Residents' Awareness of Medical Care Costs in British Columbia

Medical Student Education

Family Medicine Clerkship Web Sites: The State of the Art

Clinical Research and Methods

Physician Attitudes and the Use of Office-based Activities for Tobacco Control

Prenatal Alcohol Intake in a Rural, Caucasian Clinic

Faculty Development

A Qualitative Assessment of One Cohort From the University of North Carolina Family Medicine Faculty Development Fellowship

Research Series

Geography and Geographic Information Systems in Family Medicine Research


What Authors Need to Know About the Way Editors Think: Report From the Congress on Peer Review in Biomedical Publication

Teaching Information Mastery: The Case of Baby Jeff and the Importance of Bayes' Theorem

International Family Medicine Education

Learning Medicine—Should We Go About It in Different Ways?

What Is the Optimal Practice Size?

Can Disease Management Programs Work in Other Countries?

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