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November-December 2002

Volume 34, Issue 10

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Teaching and Practicing Medicine With Handheld Computers

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Doctor-Patient Communications: Using Concept Cards to Instruct

Lessons From Our Learners

MPH Through the Internet

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

The Plague: Teaching About Physicians' Work

Residency Education

Effects of Antihypertensive Samples on Physician Prescribing Patterns

A Pilot Study Using the Group Environment Scale to Evaluate First-year Resident Support Groups

Interactive Peer Review: An Innovative Resident Evaluation Tool

Medical Student Education

Upholding the Principles of Primary Care in Preceptors' Practices

Clinical Research and Methods

Physicians' Emotional Intelligence and Patient Satisfaction

Faculty Development

Family Medicine Educators' Perceptions of the Future of Faculty Development

International Family Medicine

The Experiences of Japanese Generalist Physicians in Overseas Faculty Development Programs


Amazing Coincidence Triggers Breakthrough in Faculty Recruiting Strategy

Where Have You Gone, Dr Welby?

International Family Medicine Education

What Do Doctors Think of Requiring Patients to Choose a Primary Care Physician?

ShouldYou Share the Problem List With the Patient?

Do Teaching Patients Feel Grateful or Exploited?

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