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October 2001

Volume 33, Issue 9

Letters to the Editor

Papers Confront Issues of Racism

New ACGME Requirements Can Be Met

Dilemmas in Family Medicine Education

Challenges and Pitfalls of Developing and Applying a Competency-based Curriculum

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Dealing With the Problem Learner

Innovations in Family Medicine Education

Colposcopy 101: A Didactic Curriculum to Complement the Clinical Experience

Lessons From Our Learners

"I Want to Go Home With the Doctor"

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

On the Value of William Faulkner to Graduate Medical Education

Special Articles

Indirect Institutional Revenue Generated From an Academic Primary Care Clinical Network

Residency Education

The Current Status of Balint Groups in US Family Practice Residencies: A 10-year Follow-up Study, 1990-2000

Job Satisfaction of Family Practice Residents

Medical Student Education

Quality of a Family Medicine Preceptorship Is Significantly Associated With Matching Into Famly Practice

Clinical Research and Methods

Maternal Ratings of Child Behavior Improve With Treatment of Maternal Depression

International Family Medicine

Bringing A Family Practice Model of Health to the People's Republic of China

On the Biopsychosical Model: The Example of Political Economic Causes of Diabetes in the Marshall Islands

Book Reviews

Genetics in the Clinic—Clinical, Ethical, and Social Implications for Primary Care

Hypertensive Disorders in Women

The Scalpel and the Silver Bear

International Family Medicine Education

Small-group Discussions Found to be Effective for Medical Students

What's the Right Length of Time for a GP/FP Residency?

Models for Primary Care of Patients With HIV

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