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May 2001

Volume 33, Issue 5

Letters to the Editor

Internet Seen as Barrier to Real Human Contact

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Teaching and Learning Styles in the Clinical Setting

Lessons From Our Learners

A Bad Week

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Only Connect: Musings on the Relationship Between Literature and Medicine

Award-winning Research Papers From The American Academy of Family Phys

Predictors of Self-care Behavior in Adults With Type 2 Dibaetes: An RRNeST Study

Health Needs of People Living Below Poverty Level

Smoking in a Saudi Community: Prevalence, Influencing Factors, and Risk Perception

Cancer Education for the Generalist Physician

Where Are We on Teen Sex?: Delivery of Reproductive Health Services to Adolescents by Family Physicians

Faculty Development

A Program to Teach Curriculum Development to Junior Faculty

Essays: A Preceptor's Story


Family Medicine's Failures: Reflections on Keystone III

Relational Value: Bridging the Worldview Gap Between Patients and Health Systems

International Family Medicine Education

Family Physicians Are Doing the Right Things

Dutch Practice-based Research Is Alive and Well

Bayes Theorum Revisited

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