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February 2001

Volume 33, Issue 2

Letters to the Editor

Bias Shown in Study of Better Care for Patients With Skin Disease?

Support Urged for Accreditation of Faculty Development Fellowships

Dilemmas in Family Medicine Education

On the Rise and Fall of Videotaping Programs

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Doctor Lounge Talk

Lessons From Our Learners

What Is a Physician?

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

What Our Patients Say

Special Article

Interpretation of the American Board of Family Practice In-Training Examination

Residency Education

The Effect of the Teaching Physician Rule on Residency Education

Fetal Biometry: A Comparison of Family Physicians and Radiologists

Clinical Research and Methods

The Lack of Screening For Diabetic Nephropathy: Evidence From a Privately Insured Population

Shortchanging Adolescents: Room for Improvement in Preventive Care by Physicians

Essays and Commentaries

Faculty Development: Family Medicine Faculty Development Fellowships and the Medically Underserved

Electronic Medical Records: The Family Practice Resident Perspective

Leading Change Versus Managing Care: The Role of Change Agent In Family Medicine

Sunday With A Teacher: Elsbeth Kahn, PhD 1922-2000

Book Reviews

Children's Health

Essence of Office Pediatrics

Management of Antimicrobials in Infectious Diseases, Impact of Antibiotic Resistance

Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine

Skills for Communicating With Patients

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