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October 2000

Volume 32, Issue 9

Letters to the Editor

Appreciation Expressed for Article on Cultural Diversity

What Does a Patient's Outfit Weigh?

Can We Make It Better?

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Knowing What a Human Life Really Is: Doctors and Priests

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Mini-ethnography: Meaningful Exploration Made Easy

Special Series: The Role of Gender in Family Medicine Education

Symptoms as a Source of Medical Knowledge: Understanding Medically Unexplained Disorders in Women

The Comfort of Family Practice Residents With Health Care of Patients of the Opposite Gender

Differences in Ambulatory Teaching and Learning by Gender Match of Preceptors and Students

Listening, Perhaps Without Hearing

Gender and Power in Family Medicine Education

Residency Education

Dialogues in the Exam Room: Medical Interviewing by Resident Family Physicians

Clinical Research and Methods

Alcohol-free Instant Hand Sanitizer Reduces Elementary School Illness Absenteeism

Association of Attending Physician Specialty With Cesarean Delivery Rate in the Same Patient Population

Special Article

Responding to a Natural Disaster With Service Learning

Book Reviews

Department of Family Medicine, University of North Carolina.

Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology of Herbal Products, First Edition

Atlas of Pediatric Clinical Diagnosis, First Edition

The Harriet Lane Handbook

International Family Medicine Education

International Family Medicine Education

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