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April 2000

Volume 32, Issue 4

Letters to the Editor

End-of-Life Care Seen From Broader Perspective

Literature and the Arts in Medical Education

Sharing the Mystery of Death With New Acquaintances

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Preventing the Difficult Learning Situation

Lessons From Our Learners

Teacher Comfort in Teaching Sexuality: Reflections From an STFM Seminar

Special Article

Challenges to Academic Family Medicine in the Current Health Care Environment

Award-winning Research Papers From the American Academy of Family Phys

Long-term Effects of a Primary Health Care Intervention Program for Women: Lower Blood Pressure and Stable Weight

Prevalence of the Use of Herbal Products in a Low-income Population

Residency Education

Recruitment Behavior and Program Directors: How Ethical Are Their Perspectives About the Match Process?

A Comparison of Resident and Faculty Attitudes Toward Physician-assisted Suicide and Active Voluntary Euthanasia

Medical Informatics

Applied Medical Informatics and Computing Skills of Students, Residents, and Faculty

Essays and Commentaries

Core Curriculum Guidelines: Minimum Standards, Practical Goals, or Lofty Ideals?

Book Reviews

Country Doctor: The Story of Dr Claire Louise Caudill

Primary Care Rheumatology

Primary Care Management of Heart Disease

On Call Orthopedics

International Family Medicine Education

International Family Medicine Education

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