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February 2000

Volume 32, Issue 2

Letters to the Editor

Are Family Physicians Keeping Up With the Rapid Changes in Medicine?

Role of Technology in Health Care Is Debated

President's Column

Keeping an Eye on the Prize

Dilemmas in Family Medicine Education

Understanding Anger in Residents

For the Office Based Teacher of Family Medicine

Including the Patient in Student Presentations

Residency Education

Physician Expression of Empathy and Positiveness to Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Patients During Medical Encounters

Surgical Practice of Primary Care Physicians in a Rural State: Implications for Curriculum Design

Medical Student Education

Student Religiosity and Attitudes Toward Religion in Medicine at a Private Catholic Medical School

Medical Informatics

An Analysis of Trends, Perceptions, and Use Patterns of Computerized Patient Records Among US Family Practice Residency Programs

Using Handheld Computers to Document Family Practice Resident Procedure Experience

Clinical Research and Methods

German Family Physicians' Attitudes Toward Care of Involuntarily Childless Patients

International Family Medicine

Family Practice Training in Nepal

Essays and Commentaries

Family Medicine: Return to Counterculture?

Orchestral Musings

Book Reviews

Pharmacological Management of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

Diagnostic Strategies for Common Medical Problems, Second Edition

20 Common Problems in Primary Care

A Guide for Physicians on Leading a Clinical Department

Medical Complications During Pregnancy, Fifth Edition

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