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Resident Competency Assessment Toolkit

This Toolkit contains the background, tools, and training to help residency programs demonstrate resident competence and ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform their roles in society.

What is Competency-based Education? 

Learn the background and fundamentals of competency-based education.

Why Assess Competency?

Find out why it's important for your residency program to implement dependable methods to assess the competence of residents.

How Do I Get Started?

Follow these steps to assess your current processes, clarify goals, and implement a successful competency assessment strategy.

Assessment Methods and Tools

Use these methods and tools, which have been reviewed and selected by the STFM Resident Competency Assessment Task Force, to assess competency of your residents.


Understand the terminology, find out how other residency programs are assessing resident competence, refer to ACGME competencies, and access articles to get more information about competency assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about competency assessment.

Faculty Development

Attend live sessionsor bring STFM to your organizationto learn more about how to assess competency.

The Resident Competency Assessment Toolkit is a project of STFM and is endorsed by the Council of Academic Family Medicine.

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