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Preconference Workshops

Thursday, November 30

1-5 pm 

PR01: Cooking Up the Alphabet Soup: TCM, CCCM, ADP, PsyCCM, E&M, MACRA, APM, and MIPS 


Thomas Weida, MD, Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Science 

The payment environment is transitioning from payment for visit to payment for value. Understanding how to use codes for transitional care management, complex chronic care management, advanced directive planning, psychiatric collaborative care management, and evaluation and management coding is critical to a practice’s financial viability as well as to improved patient care. Medicare has added additional complex chronic care management codes and created a new psychiatric collaborative care management code. Practices will also need to prepare for the operational challenges and financial opportunities of the MACRA legislation/

Learning Objectives:
On completion of this session, the participants should be able to: 

  1. Implement proper use and documentation of transitional care management codes, complex care coordination codes, advance directive planning codes, and evaluation and management codes
  2. Establish working criteria for the new psychiatric collaborative care management services code
  3. Prepare the practice for the challenges and financial opportunities of the MACRA legislation. 

Fee: $100; includes training materials and refreshments. This workshop is included in the application for Physician’s CME hours and Nurse’s CEU units. 

1-5 pm 

PR2:Overcoming the System: Strategies to Improve Your Effectiveness in Dealing With Your Organization’s Bureaucracy

John Bachman, MD, Mayo Medical School; Ramon Cancino, MSc, MD, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA  

We were called to care for our patients and students. However, clinicians and staff deal with organizations that are characterized by confusion, cost, chaos, and conflict. Typical top-down hierarchies discourage innovation and focus on control. Providers are being burned out at a high rate. Accountability is stressed, but accountability to whom or what? This preconference workshop will focus on methods to overcome the slings and arrows of working in a system by using the four aspects of Deming’s “Profound Knowledge” and the University of Michigan’s approach of “Deep Change” and Competing Values.” It will transform your thinking and provide resources to enhance your work and life. You will leave with tools to help you make the hero’s journey.

Learning Objectives: 
On completion of this session, the participants should be able to: 

  1. Understand the current system they work in. They will become competent in dealing with the tools that provide ongoing improvement in such an environment.
  2. EngageLearn how common sense is notoriously poor when working in a system by understanding Daniel Kahneman’s Noble Prize work dealing with the mind and variation. This will be replaced by using ongoing monitoring to show improvement through Deming’s work on plotting variation.
  3. Use techniques to bring fun back to the workplace using the processes found in The Fifth Discipline and Deep Change.

Fee: $100; includes training materials and refreshments. This workshop is included in the application for Physician’s CME hours and Nurse’s CEU units

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