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Session Formats

This conference offers a variety of session formats to satisfy differing needs. Here is a brief overview of the sessions available for your participation:

Workshops: 120-minute task-oriented, small-group educational sessions

Seminars: 90-minute didactic presentations with audience discussion

Symposia: 90-minute sessions on collaborative work from multiple institutions or departments with a moderator organizing a brief presentation to stimulate focused discussion by participants.

Lecture-Discussions: 45-minute didactic presentations, with discussion; two lectures are paired and offered consecutively in a 90-minute session.

Completed Projects: 15-20 minute presentations of completed research, education, process of care, patient-oriented outcomes, and quality of care studies that include assessment. (Four 20-minute presentations are “grouped” by common topic and presented consecutively in a 90-minute presentation slot).

In-Progress Projects:15-20 minute presentations of Innovative or pilot projects in-progress related to teaching, education, curricular or clinical intervention, management innovation, or quality improvement that do not have outcomes or assessments. (Four 20-minute presentations are “grouped” by common topic and presented consecutively in a 90-minute presentation slot).

Hot Topic Sessions: 45-90 minute sessions with topics and presenters selected based on the current need of the discipline

Poster Presentations: Visual presentations with an informal information exchange; attendees can peruse the posters and speak with the presenters. 90-minute dedicated time

Scholarly Topic Roundtable Discussions: 45-minute roundtable presentation for 10 participants about ideas, experiences, or projects pertinent to family medicine education, clinical care, research, or management

Session Tracks:

This year’s conference is incorporating sessions targeted specifically for you and the work that you do. Search for the following codes:

  • Students: [STU]
  • Medical Student Education Academic Coordinators: [COORD]
  • STFM's Faculty Development Delivered workshop Series: [FDD] 
  • Hot Topic Sssions: [HTS]

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