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2018 Conference on Medical Student Education

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P13 Create an Interactive and Engaging Clerkship Orientation Using Audience Response System Technology

Nehman Andry, MD

02/2/18 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Austin Grand Ballroom J-K

Clerkship orientation is an essential time to engage students with course content and introduce them to one's specialty. Despite this, most orientations last several hours and are full of dry content that is passively delivered to the audience. In an effort to make our clerkship orientation more interactive and engaging, we have incorporated the use of an audience response system. Audience response systems allow students to answer questions discretely and provide real-time assessment. Though literature regarding the use of audience response systems in clerkship orientations is lacking, their use in medical school didactics has been studied extensively. They have been found to augment student interaction and engagement. TurningPoint is the audience response system we use in our clerkship, and is one of many easy-to-use engagement and assessment solutions available on the market. TurningPoint helps equip PowerPoint presentations with polling slides and allows our students to answer questions during orientation about clerkship expectations, policies, and procedures using response clickers. Based on the student responses, we are able to tailor content delivery to meet their needs. The incorporation of this audience response system into our family medicine clerkship orientation has allowed for more effective content delivery. This has resulted in increased audience attention, enhanced interest, mandatory participation, more successful knowledge transfer, more efficient use of time, and greater student and administration satisfaction.

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss the importance of actively engaging learners during clerkship orientation.
  2. Describe how to incorporate an audience response system into one's clerkship orientation.
  3. Use TurningPoint audience response system technology to answer questions and receive real-time feedback.

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