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40th Anniversary STFM Conference on Medical Student Education:

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PO3 Plumbing the Pipeline: A State-Wide Assessment of Educational Changes Needed to Support Primary Care Education

Edna Prieto, BA; Elisabeth Wilson, MD, MPH

02/1/14 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Ryman Ballroom F

Our state faces an acute shortage of primary care providers. To help assess primary care physician pipeline issues, we interviewed 23 students, residents, faculty, and associate deans in 10 of 11 of our state’s medical schools regarding primary care education at their institutions. Based on this assessment, we identified strengths, gaps, and best practices in primary care education. Strengths include the strong commitment of primary care faculty members and opportunities for students in underserved care. The most commonly cited challenge was difficulty in finding opportunities for students to train in high-functioning primary care settings and engage with satisfied, happy primary care providers. An additional challenge was the disparity in work-life, prestige, and income that students perceive between primary care and non-primary care fields.

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